Earthquakes are some of the most devastating natural disasters Californians experience. Additionally, earthquake damage is a constant cause of home repair in the Inland Empire.

The dust has settled, and the heavy magnitude earthquake is finally over. After acclimating yourself to a world without ground tremors, it's time to take stock of what this natural disaster wrought upon your property.

What To Do After An Earthquake

First thing's first: is everyone okay?

Before attempting to take inventory of damaged items, ensure that you and your family are safe after a quake. Then take note of the following:

Earthquake Damage and Your Home

brick wall with a crack in it after earthquake damage

These natural disasters cause staggering amounts of damage annually.

Quakes can cause severe water damage via burst pipes in your home, fire damage from subsequent building damage, and overall foundation damage to structures everywhere.

That's why it's imperative to see what a large earthquake did to your property. But first, it's time to call your insurance provider.

Call Your Insurance Provider

Before you decide on anything, you need to contact your insurance provider and discuss the damage done.

Be sure to document damage and disclose everything to ensure that you're covered.

Call In The Experts: Five Star Restoration

With insurance matters out of the way, it's the perfect time to call on professionals with extensive experience. Five Star Restoration professionals know all about fixing the byproducts of natural disasters, including wildfires and flooding.

At Five Star Restoration, experts will come to your home and perform a diagnostic, determining exactly what repairs and reconstruction your home needs.

After meeting with our home experts, you will have a better idea of what needs fixing.

Did your pipes burst because of the ground shifting violently?

Or maybe subsequent fire damage affected your home. Regardless, the experts at Five Star Restoration will lay things out for you.

Along with surveying damage after the fact, it's crucial to minimize damage as much as you can.

Prepare Your Home For Earthquakes

Although we've learned a lot about earthquakes over time, we still don't know when they will occur. And we certainly can't prevent them.

As such, it's vital to prepare your home for possible earthquake damage.

Seismic Retrofitting

A seismic retrofitting is the act of modifying an older home to better acclimate to frequent quakes and tremors. With current research and data helping blaze a trail, seismic retrofitting allows property owners to better prepare for severe structural damage and unforeseen earthquakes.

Secure Your Surroundings

Keep your surroundings as safe as possible by securing them. For example, ensure that shelves, TVs, and large pieces of furniture are adequately secured, so they don't present a hazard during a potential quake.

Watch Out For Trees

If your property has trees around it, invest in trimming them to minimize potential damage if the worst-case scenario happens

How To Stay Safe During An Earthquake

a fault line in concrete after earthquake damage

Aside from earthquake damage to your home, the most important thing in this scenario is keeping yourself and your family safe. Here are some essential earthquake safety tips to follow.

And make sure to watch out for common earthquake safety myths!

Earthquakes And Doorways: Opt For The Table, Instead

Do not stand in a doorway during an earthquake. During a seismic event, a doorway is susceptible to the same amount of damage and danger as anywhere else in your home.

Instead, take cover under a table during an earthquake. As opposed to the doorway, the table keeps you protected from falling or flying debris.

Outside During An Earthquake?

If you're outside during an earthquake, you need to act quickly. Although the ideal place to be is parked under a table until the shaking stops, you need to work with what you have.

The number one thing you need to do is avoid buildings and windows. These present the biggest dangers to those outside during severe shaking. Keep clear of wires, too, and hunker down until the quake is over.

Earthquake Safety In A Vehicle

If you're caught unawares while driving in your car, stop your vehicle as soon as shaking starts and turn on your radio. Tuning your radio to an emergency station is crucial for acquiring up-to-date, vital information to help guide you through the earthquake.

After the apparent danger passes, stay alert while driving to safety for any hazards created by the natural disaster.

Earthquake Damage And You: Repairing Your Home

When the shaking stops, taking stock of the damage and cause of structural damage, it's time to get to work.

With Five Star Restoration, we have extensive experience helping homeowners recover from natural and man-made disasters. As such, we help property owners through the repair and reconstruction process.

Along with helping property owners recover from a quake, our team of professionals specializes in everything from mold removal to fire damage repair.

Call us today to discuss any issue you have with your property, and work towards a comprehensive solution.

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