Need Mold Removal?

Mold starts growing within 24 hours of water damage.
Don't let it get worse.
Mold grows well on ceiling tiles, pust, paints, drywall, carpet and more.
To control mold you must completely remove moisture from the affected area.
Luckily for you, Five Star Restoration has just the people to fix that.
Mold growth on baseboard from water damage found under kitchen cabinets.

Leading causes of mold testing

  • Recent Flooding or Leak
  • Visible Mold
  • Health Concerns (Trouble Breathing, Coughing & Wheezing)
  • Musty Odor
  • Mold Species Identification
It's important to get a mold inspection as some are toxic. We recommend that you get our free mold diagnostic to be safe.

Five Star was called out to our house after we realized that we had a slab leak. They were fast and professional. They showed up within a few hours of the call. They brought in large fans and dehumidifiers to begin the mitigation. They also explained everything very thoroughly as they did the assessment. Also, as they set up their equipment, they were explaining what they were doing. We are very happy with how they handled our situation. We will definitely use them again, if needed (God forbid, yet another leak). Thank you for all of your work.

Terri Andrews Coltharp | Perris, CA

"Five Star provided a fast and professional service. They made sure my floors were covered and the areas effected by water damage were separated by plastic sheets. They set up both fans and dehumidifiers to make sure they dried the area completely. I am very happy with their work."

Mary Owings | Corona, CA

"Kevin was a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process. His knowledge, customer service and communication skills were by far the best I've experienced as a consumer in my life. Great guy, great company! Great job 5 star!"

Brian TallyMan | Temecula, CA

We get it.
mold is stressful.

But getting it fixed doesn't have to be. Call now to talk to our team of experts and get started on your repair before it can do more damage.
Most mold removals take a day to identify and remove the source of the mold.

Call us for a free diagnostic of your damage. From there, we'll
  • Detect any elevated mildew or must
  • Locate the source of water feeding the mold
  • Ask about any health issues
  • Remove or clean any affected areas
  • Dry out areas for 3-4 days

Questions about your mold removal?

If you are not sure your location is in the areas we cover, or if you'd just like to chat or ask a question, give us a call.

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