Water has an uncanny way of ruining your home. Whether it's your sump pump malfunctioning, a heavy rainstorm, or burst pipes, you're now left with a flooded basement. As a homeowner, this is just one of the many nightmare scenarios that occur.

The rain has cleared, the pipes are repaired, and your sump pump is in working order. But you're still left with the initial damage.

What do you do when you have a flooded basement?

And don't worry; not all hope is lost regarding your possessions, either.

How To Fix Your Flooded Basement

man fixing pipes in a flooded basement

Water damage to your floors is devastating enough but to your entire basement? It's a lot to handle. Let's look at some key ways to help fix a flooded basement.

Call Your Insurance Provider

First and foremost, call your insurance provider. You also need to document the damage caused by basement flooding extensively.

Call Home Restoration Professionals

While rolling up your sleeves and attempting to solve the problem of a flooded basement all on your own is admirable, it just isn't ideal. That's why you need to call on the professionals to help you clean up.

We'll help you deal with this home emergency with a company like Five Star Restoration. Professionals will help you drain your basement in no time, allowing you to dispose of excess water and focus on the subsequent damage.

That's where Five Star Restoration comes in handy once again, focusing on restoring your home to its former state. Likewise, Five Star Restoration will ensure that everything in your basement is in working order.

This means that professionals will inspect your pipes, sump pump, and other ways your basement is susceptible to any damage.

Plus, experts at Five Star Restoration ensure that everything in your home is up to code.

Removing The Water

Getting rid of water is the first step in fixing a basement flood.

Professionals well-versed in water removal and damage enter the home and proceed to extract water from your basement. They often use industrial-grade vacuums and proven methods to help remove all flood water.

Drying Out The Basement

After the water is gone, it's time to dry your basement out.

Home restoration professionals will use dehumidifiers and fans to circulate air around the basement. Drying out the basement is a fantastic way to prevent mold growth.

Scrub The Floors

Time for cleanup.

Professionals at Five Star Restoration use cleaner to help fully clean your floors, regardless of the material.

This is another way to prevent mold and ensure that your home doesn't retain any bad smells or water.

Flooded Basement Problems

Although merely having water in your basement is devastating, there are a few crucial ways that excess moisture in your home causes issues.

Mold Growth

Mold spores are everywhere. It's an unfortunate reality, but those spores are just waiting to latch onto any moist or damp surfaces they can find. As you can imagine, when your basement floods, you've got a breeding ground for mold on your hands.

Mold removal is crucial to keeping you and your family healthy and safe.

That's why it's imperative to call a home restoration company as soon as possible to remove water and inspect any potential mold growth in the aftermath of a flood in your basement.

According to the CDC, mold can wreak havoc on your health. Common mold exposure symptoms are:

Homeowners everywhere have extensive experience with the dangers of toxic mold. Don't let you or your family become another cautionary tale. Call restoration professionals to help you get rid of mold.

Water Damaged Property

Aside from having massive amounts of water sitting in your basement, your possessions and furniture will take severe damage.

Whether it's water-damaged photos, furniture, or a washer and dryer, water damage is tenacious and devastating, and costly.

Damage To Your Foundations From Water

If losing possessions and appliances weren't bad enough, a basement after extensive flooding could negatively affect your property's foundation and integrity.

Basement flooding can affect the soil around your home's pipes, causing detrimental movement that can lead to burst pipes sooner rather than later.

If your home is older, the danger to cracks and foundation damage is greater. Although it may seem like the nightmare is over once the water is gone from your basement, it's time to remain vigilant and inspect your basement for any damage.

Bad Smells In Your Basement After A Flood

With excessive amounts of water after a flood and no immediate disposal comes unpleasant odors in your basement.

A musty smell in your basement is often more than a plain lousy smell, too. It could point towards the aforementioned mold growth. It also doesn't help that basements are already susceptible to a higher level of moisture than anywhere else in your home.

This situation is precisely where professionals at Five Star can help you. Experts well-versed in sussing out foul odors can find the source and go through the following steps of eliminating bad smells after a flood.

Causes Of Flooded Basements

deterorating building allowing for a flooded basement through disrepair

Like any other part of your house, your basement is susceptible to flooding.

And, as we alluded to before, there are many causes and sources of devastating basement floods.

Your basement is the lowermost level of your house, so you're already at a disadvantage in terms of flooding.

Heavy Rainfall That Causes Flooding

Sometimes, heavy rain acts as the main culprit in a basement flood. Excess water from prolonged storming can result in a basement filled to the brim with water.

The water creeps through existing cracks around the home and can gather around the property. If your area experiences a particularly heavy storm, the chances of a basement flood are even higher.

Burst Pipes

Whether caused by erosion, soil displacement, or undue pressure from freezing, a burst pipe is all notorious culprits in basement flooding.

When a pipe experiences pressure, water has a more challenging time moving through. When it reaches a literal and figurative breaking point, the result is a flooded basement.

Likewise, if pipes are old, they are susceptible to erosion.

Cleaning Up A Flooded Basement With Five Star Restoration

The world isn’t over if your home floods. With the help of home restoration professionals, your home water damage will be a thing of the past. 

Whether you need experts in mold removal, water damage repair, or simply boarding up your home for a natural disaster, Five Star Restoration is in your corner.

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