Angelinos are no strangers to extreme heat in July and August. But it's still crucial to look after the safety of you and your family during the Los Angeles heat wave of 2022 and beyond. At Five Star Restoration, we'll show you how to stay cool in a heat wave. Whether it's crucial cooling tips or ways you can enhance your home's potential for retaining cold air.

Let's learn more about heat waves, why they're dangerous, and how you can prepare to stay cool during the summer.

What Is A Heat Wave?

closeup of fan used during a los angeles heat wave
Fans can help you stay cool during a heat wave

A heat wave is an abnormal period of high heat lasting over two days. This often includes high humidity. They can result in widespread fire damage from wildfires, hospitalization, and death. In short, heat waves are something everyone should take seriously.

Obviously, this definition can stretch from a few days to even a few weeks in more extreme instances. That's why preparing for periods of extreme heat is so important. Preparations will keep you cool and out of the eye of extreme weather events.

Why Does Heat Rise?

You've probably heard ‘heat rises.’ After all, during high temperatures and heat waves, it's an important rule to remember. Heat rises because as it moves upward, it expands. As such, on higher floors in your home, it'll likely be much warmer. Keep this in mind when trying to stay cool in a Los Angeles heat wave!

How To Keep Your Home Cool In Los Angeles

Along with properly hydrating and staying out of the sun, you'll need to cover your bases at home. Take advantage of these other aspects of staying cool to have a seamless, comfortable couple of months.

Air Conditioning Units

Air conditioning is the number one way to keep your home cool enough on scorching summer days. An excellent A/C unit will be your best friend this season, bar none. Plus, if temperatures continue to increase, your A/C will likely be blasting the entire time.

You can choose from a few different air conditioning unit options. There are the classic window air conditioning units. These range in price from $100-$700. These fit in a window, cooling the room they're in. Simple.

Likewise, there are standing or tower A/C units. These units are powerful and can quickly become your air conditioner of choice. They pack a punch and cool a much larger radius in your home. If you need to cool down a large area, like a living room, a standing air conditioner may be your best bet.

Pull The Shades

Sometimes, the key to staying cool during a heat wave is simply closing the shades and blinds on a sweltering day.

Closing the blinds ensures no unneeded heat and light gets in. If you need to, try investing in some blackout curtains. They can be surprisingly effective in limiting heat from the setting sun.

Using A Fan

Unlike simply turning on a switch like an air conditioner, fans require some forethought before use. What we mean is that fans can simply circulate air rather than actually cool you off.

Some tips for using fans effectively during a Los Angeles heat wave:

closeup of blue flames on stove during a los angeles heat wave
Using a stove can warm up a house during a heat wave

Don't Raise Your Temperature (If You Don't Have To)

When the weather is stifling, it's important to limit certain activities at home that would raise your temperature.

For example, cooking a massive meal using your stove and other heat-generating appliances especially isn't a good idea.

Even being around too many electronics at once can expose you to higher temperatures at home. In fact, it'd be a great idea to unplug anything you're not using to help regulate temperature.

In short, no hot showers, using the dryer, or anything else that raises your body temperature.

Cool Your Bed

Trying to sleep in scorching weather is a massive struggle. Hot weather can keep you tossing and turning all night long, trying to find any sort of cold comfort.

As such, you can employ some trusty methods of cooling your bed, making sleep a little more pleasant.

Although these methods can seem a bit extreme, finding a way to stay cool during a Los Angeles heat wave sometimes calls for drastic measures!

Call On Five Star Restoration To See How To Stay Cool In A Los Angeles Heat Wave!

With these tips, you can make June, July, August, or any other time comfortable for you and your family. Before you know it, we'll be compiling a list of ways to stay warm!

With a team of talented home repair and restoration experts, Five Star Restoration can help guide homeowners to stay safe during blistering heat waves.

Want more information about how to cool your home properly? How to install drywall step-by-step?

Need to know what to do when a leak appears in a ceiling? Call on the professionals at Five Star to prepare you for the next heat wave and other home improvement and repair tips!

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