Keeping your home safe from fires and their subsequent powerful smoke odors is imperative for a healthy living space. Get rid of smoke smells, and all will be well.

You want to eliminate a smoke smell as soon as possible to mitigate any smoke damage. And you want to limit how much smoke and soot your furniture can absorb.

Let's see how to get rid of smoke smells in your home. But first, we must examine the causes to understand how to proceed.

What Causes Smoke Odor Buildup?

Smoke smells don't always appear due to cooking fires or wildfires.

Let's see the common causes of smoke smells found in the home.

But why are smoke smells so hard to get rid of?

white smoke coming out from brown wood

Why Are Smoke Smells So Hard To Get Rid Of?

After fires cease and people remove sources of smoke, that's hardly the end to lingering smoke smells in their homes.

There's a reason smoke smells linger longer. Smoke contains harmful chemicals and particles that stick to surfaces, carpets, fabric, and nearly every other part of the home.

With that in mind, time is your most prominent factor in effectively removing smoke damage. Within minutes of smoke setting in, the damage is already accumulating. After hours and days, the ease of removing smoke damage and odors becomes much more difficult.

If the homeowner waits weeks and months, soot and other particles will now have a permanent hold on objects, walls, and carpets. Acting quickly is the difference between a new carpet, curtains, furniture, and more.

Cleaning Fabric

When you attempt to eliminate smells from fabric, there are a few ways to help mitigate the odor.

Cleaning Hard Surfaces

There are a few ways to wipe and clean hard surfaces.

How To Get Rid Of Smoke Smells In A House: Quick Tips

Let's start with some quick tips to remove that pesky smoke smell in your home. Here are some quick fixes to make life in your home bearable.

There's no rush to call the experts to help clean your carpets, windows, and walls, right?


Lingering smoke damage and odors can cause uncomfortable and dangerous symptoms.

Can Smoke Damage Make You Sick?

Yes, smoke damage can make you and your family ill.

Lingering smoke damage affecting your windows, carpet, and walls has much more side effects than an unpleasant odor.

Just staying in a smoke-damaged home can be hazardous to your health. Smoke damage causes symptoms like:

Again, just because a wildfire is past or, a fuel source is extinguished doesn't mean the after-effects don't prove dangerous.

Even if a homeowner doesn't care about damaged furniture, the possible health issues arising from too much cigarette smoke or creosote buildup can make life much harder.

In short, let the smoky smell be your guide to help you take the following steps.

cigarette in an ashtray

Check Your Indoor Air Quality

Throughout the entire process, it's always worth keeping tabs on how clean the air in your home is. By using an air quality monitor, you can see how safe it is to breathe the air in your home.

Having an air quality monitor is a great idea all the time. But in the wake of a fire, it's imperative. Consult the monitor to see if your home is safe to inhabit.

How To Get Rid Of Smoke Odors With Five Star Restoration

Don't get stuck scrubbing your carpets and airing out your home daily. Call smoke odor removal specialists! Remember, time and the type of smoke damage are the most significant factors in how well your home can bounce back from a fire.

At Five Star Restoration, we've been helping people remove strong odors from their Inland Empire homes since 2016. Again, if you don't deodorize your home immediately, you're in for a lengthy cleanup on your own.

That's why you must call odor removal professionals in the Inland Empire and Northern San Diego. They employ various methods and cleaning services to take the stress off.

Experts in smoke damage repair and removal will:

And don't worry; all of the practices and equipment used by Five Star Restoration are all up to code! With the odor removers at Five Star, there's no need to use baking soda. Instead, our experts will steam clean carpets and effectively clean and remove smoke smells.

The longer you wait to get rid of a smoke smell in your home, the more difficult it will be to eradicate it entirely. Don't wait, call Five Star!

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