Water damage in a house is often devastating. It's a problem that needs addressing immediately, even if the water damage doesn't seem that severe.

Maybe it's a tiny ceiling leak or as catastrophic as burst pipes. Regardless of the size and scope of the damage, water damage in a house can cost homeowners thousands of dollars. Extensive water damage can also present dangerous side effects to their health.

What are the leading causes of water damage in the home? And what are the lingering effects of water damage? Let's find out.

What Causes Water Damage In A House?

Here are some prevalent causes of water damage in a house.


Heavy rain and flooding are massive causes of home damage, injury, and death. Extreme weather events like blizzards, tsunamis, and flash flooding quickly cause lasting structural and water damage.

You can mitigate weather damage and call on Murrieta storm repair professionals to inspect the damage and work on repairs.

Toilet Overflows

Unpleasant, dirty, and sudden toilet overflows can cause lingering water damage.

Flushing items that aren't meant for the toilet, clogs and issues with sewage pipes all cause toilet overflows.

Ceiling Leaks

Water leaks in the ceiling, caused by burst pipes, rainstorms, and clogged gutters, are a serious cause for concern. When you see a sagging ceiling, peeling plaster, or water stains on the ceiling, it's time to act quickly.

Burst Pipes

Like storms and extreme weather events, burst pipes can be out of control.

Sometimes it's old age and erosion; sometimes, it's tree roots shifting pipes around underground. Whatever the reason, burst pipes can cost thousands of dollars of damage, depending on the location and severity.

Plus, you have to contend with the water damage left behind.


Sometimes appliances can lead to water buildup in the home. For example, faulty washers or water heaters can malfunction and start water buildup.

If your appliances are older, it's crucial to replace them or get them repaired to prevent possible home water damage.

Preventing Water Damage

You can't control the weather, but you can try to mitigate possible water damage. Some ways to prevent and minimize water damage are:

It depends on the water damage and determines which mitigation methods work best for you.

Water Damage To Your Home

Leaking ceiling from water damage in a house in Murrieta

The first and most apparent product of water damage in a house is severe damage.

Here are some specific examples of the widespread effects of water damage.

Weakened Home Foundation

The foundation of a home is what allows it to remain standing. If anything happens to your home's foundation, you and your family are at extreme risk. Water damage is a leading cause of foundation damage.

Broken sewer lines, clogged gutters, and other water damage can easily lead to a weakened house foundation. If left unattended for too long, water damage costs will be extremely high. The pressure from continuous water exposure can cause cracks in the foundation.


Water damage can lead to bugs and other pests infiltrating your home. Common pests that appear in the wake of water damage in a house are:

Persistent Bad Odors

Persistent water leads to unpleasant odors that need to be removed. Even if there's no apparent water damage, musty odors can signify the presence of water or water-damaged parts of the home.

How Water Damage Affects Your Health

The financial cost of water damage is undoubtedly high. But the other side effects of an unexpected toilet overflow or leaky pipe can be massive issues on their own.

Mold Growth

Whenever there’s water and mold spores in the home, mold growth is a very real possibility. A homeowner may not notice the subtle growth of toxic mold until they start feeling side effects like headaches, dizziness, and nausea.

If your home is toxic, it's a race against time to mitigate harmful health effects. As soon as you suspect or detect the source of mold growth, it's essential to act fast.

The best way to avoid and remediate mold is by hiring Murrieta mold removal experts that help eradicate any growths.

Dirty Water

If a toilet overflows or flood water overtakes areas of your home, the mere presence is a health hazard. Even a flooded basement with only a bit of dirty water coating the floor can cause ill health effects if not removed promptly.

If your drinking water is dirty, you can experience gastrointestinal issues, vomiting, fever, and other potentially life-threatening effects. Removing dirty or black water in Riverside County is a massive undertaking, and you'll need the help of experts who will use water pumps and dehumidifiers.

Homeowners must wear safety gear like goggles, gloves, and more when traversing these parts of their homes.

Contact Murrieta Water Damage Repair Specialists In Riverside County

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Whether picking up the pieces after a severe flood or removing toxic mold, Murrieta water repair experts help homeowners in Riverside County.

Need to contact insurance companies? Need help getting in touch with trusted plumbers? It's time to plan the following steps to return to a normal life.

Want more information? To repair a water-damaged home, install drywall step-by-step, and clean up debris, call Five Star Restoration today at 951-368-2227 or email us at info@team5starrestore.com.

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