As Murrieta fire repair experts, we take fire safety very seriously. As such, learning about what constitutes a fire hazard is essential in keeping you and your family safe in your day-to-day lives. It's time to learn about fire hazards and key ways to stay vigilant against potential fires in the home.

What Is A Fire Hazard?

A fire hazard is anything that may cause a fire or increase the severity of a fire.

Fire hazards present increased fire safety risks, leading to house fires, smoke damage, injury, and death.

Common Fire Hazards

Here are some basic examples of fire hazards.

Electrical Appliances

Electric fires derive from two different classifications: old electric equipment and improper electrical equipment use. An electric appliance's wear and tear can cause it overload and start a fire. User error is a significant contributor to deadly blazes, too.


Anything that produces heat can be a fire hazard. That's why heating sources can be dangerous if not properly maintained. Fireplaces with creosote buildup, improper fuel storage, and inadequate ventilation increase the risk of fires.

You must call inspectors to ensure that your chimney is clean and that all your appliances and heating sources are clean and well-maintained.


Along with posing numerous health risks, smoking causes house fires. Whether it's people falling asleep while smoking or not properly disposing of ash, smoking can kill.

Smoking outside should be an essential fire safety measure in place.


Not observing proper fire safety when cooking results in numerous house fires. Exposing combustible material to an ignition source, like an open flame, can quickly turn a meal plan into a fire escape plan.

It's vital to keep aware of flammable materials in the kitchen and not leave ovens and stovetops on when leaving the room.

Focusing On Space Heaters

Closeup of space heater presenting a fire hazard
Space heaters present an especially dangerous fire hazard

These portable household heaters are an exceptionally prevalent fire hazard and deserve a detailed focus all their own.

While this electrical equipment can make cold days in winter much more bearable, like other fire hazards, they present certain risks.

Grim headlines in the first weeks of 2022 offered readers a glimpse into the potential dangers and fatal outcomes of constant space heater use.

A space heater was the source of a deadly house fire in the Bronx, leaving 17 dead in its wake.

It's believed that the space heater in question was running for multiple days straight.

According to an article from Architectural Digest about the structural issues surrounding space heaters, author Dan Avery explains:

“ heaters are responsible for more than 25,000 residential blazes and over 300 deaths each year. Between 2014 and 2018, they accounted for 80% of heating-fire deaths...[and] caused some 6,000 burn injuries and emergency room visits each year associated with touching their hot exterior.”

This may come as little surprise to anyone familiar with these heaters. Even after running for a short time, touching them can easily cause minor burns.

In the worst-case scenario, they can be the source of a deadly fire.

Let's examine how to practice proper fire safety regarding these appliances.

Space Heater Safety

Dan Avery continues, citing the Department of Energy's recommendation for the safe usage of a space heater.

“Units should be plugged directly into the wall outlet and “never connected to an electrical extension cord or an electrical power strip,” according to the [Department of Energy]. Older models can overheat, especially if left on overnight, and they lack safety features like an automatic shut-off if they tip over.”

Although there are inherent dangers associated with this appliance, it doesn't mean you need to fear it. Observing proper space heater safety can help you stay warm when central heating isn't available.

With space heaters, keep them off combustible material like carpeting and far away from curtains and other flammable materials. Additionally, you should keep them on a flat surface.

Fire Safety Measures

Remaining aware and vigilant of fire hazards increases your chances of staying safe. Let's examine three fire safety measures to help you prevent smoke and fire damage.

Smoke Alarms

Installing smoke alarms in your home is one of the easiest ways to help you prepare for the worst.

Be sure to test smoke alarms regularly every month! Additionally, replace any smoke alarms that are over ten years old.

Be Aware Of Fire Hazards

Although it may seem somewhat obvious, being aware of anything hot in the home. Keep these sources of heat far enough away from combustible material.

Practice fire safety when cooking to avoid grease fires and be aware when tending the fireplace.

Likewise, ensuring candles are extinguished, space heaters are off, and preventing creosote buildup in the fireplace are invaluable.

Have A Fire Extinguisher On Hand

Fire extinguisher used to get rid of fire hazards

If a minor fire occurs in the home, you may be able to use a fire extinguisher to put it out.

However, if you feel you can't stop flames from spreading, seek safety immediately and contact the fire department.

Fire Damage Repair In The Inland Empire

Moving on from catastrophic fire and the damage it caused is tough.

With Five Star Restoration in Murrieta, you can prevent and repair fire damage in your home or business. We ensure that the byproducts of fire damage don't prevent you from returning to everyday life.

For example, we quickly identify smoke and water damage, prevent soot from wreaking further havoc on your health, and eliminate troublesome odors.

For more information about fire damage repair, call us at 951-368-2227 and adequately address damage to your home or business.

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