Water leaks can lead to severe water damage in your home, whether it's an unexpected ceiling leak or damage from a recent storm. When you have leaking pipes, your home is in danger, and there's also a possibility of toxic mold buildup.

Let's explore the different reasons why pipes leak and what you should do to fix leaking pipes.

Causes Of Leaking Pipes

There are multiple ways that a leaky pipe pops up and puts a damper on your everyday life. While they range in severity, the result is potentially catastrophic water damage.

Clogged Pipes

A significant issue that can lead to water pipe leaks (as well as toilet overflows) are clogged pipes.

Clogs are extremely common and might not immediately be a pressing sign that your pipes are in danger. If your toilet drain is clogged, use a flange plunger, and don't pour potentially corrosive chemicals down the drain to unclog the obstruction. A great way to prevent clogs is by using drain filters and screens.

Also, only flushing or putting things down the drain that belong there is a vital part of keeping pipes clean.

Additionally, clogs in one building can lead to a larger clog in nearby sewer lines. And that spells trouble for the entire area.

Pipe Corrosion

Even if you prevent clogs and overflows, old age makes leaks appear. Corrosion and pipe rust make for easy ways in which water to escape, leaving you and your family with the results. Corrosion happens because of many factors, like the composition of the pipes, the soil surrounding them, and the water pressure in the pipes.

Water pipe leaks from corrosion can happen more if you live in an older home with aged pipes. The chances of corrosion increase if the water pipes are copper.

Higher Water Pressure

If water rushes through pipes with too much pressure, it can strain them, pushing them closer to bursting.

It's well worth having a plumber examine and measure your water pressure to determine if your water pipes are at risk for leaks. Even not fully draining certain faucets of water can create water pressure. For example, not emptying a garden hose fully will eventually lead to the hose nozzle cracking, creating a water leak.

Fixed Appliances

Sometimes, a leaky pipe or faucet can happen closer to the surface.

If your faucet or shower head cracks, a leak can likely occur. Remember to check under your sink to see if the pipes directly in view are cracked or leaking.

Human Error

Nobody's perfect. As such, sometimes, people lay pipes incorrectly. These oversights lead to water leaks and burst pipes eventually. You can't lay water pipes any which way; they depend significantly on gravity. So, if someone unfamiliar with laying water pipes does so, problems will arise.

The Environment

Even if you keep pipes clear of clogs, certain factors may be out of your control—namely, the shifting soil and growing tree roots underground.

When the ground around your home's foundation shifts and moves, your water pipes are vulnerable to the twisting and turning of growing tree roots. Likewise, heavy rains or flooding can drastically change the landscape above and below ground.

These irregular movements, and the awkward positions pipes end up in, will lead to leaking or even burst pipes.

What To Do When You Have Leaking Pipes

Murrieta plumber fixing water damage and leaking pipes

Don't panic. You must act, whether it's a seemingly minor, slow leak or full-on deluge. Here are some steps to take to mitigate damage and ensure no more damage needlessly occurs.

While homeowners can use quick-fix methods like epoxy and tape, these aren't long-term fixes. The longer you wait to get the problem fixed properly, more cracks and damage will likely appear. Eventually, you will need to contact plumbers and home repair experts to fix an issue entirely, especially if it's a severe problem.

Calling Professional Water Damage Repair Professionals In The Inland Empire

Murrieta water damage experts at Five Star Restoration will take you through the best steps to fixing leaking pipes. Above all, professionals at Five Star Restoration will help homeowners get in touch with trustworthy plumbers in the Inland Empire and Northern San Diego. We know plumbing experts all over, and we'll steer you in the right direction.

If the worst has come to pass in the form of devastating water damage in the home, don't worry. We'll walk you through the proper steps: contacting your insurance company, home inspections, and plumbers in the time frame you need.

We'll be here in your corner, whether it's a minor leak or full-on home repair and reconstruction due to water damage.

When you're ready to take the next steps, either to fix problems or bring your home to its former glory, Five Star Restoration is here.

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