Odor eliminator sprays have become a staple part of our housekeeping buys in terms of keeping our homes smelling good, but are odor eliminator sprays harmful? Is this the only way to eliminate odor at home? It’s time for our top-rated home water damage repair and mold remediation professionals to address these concerns.

No matter how tidy your place is, when the smell of meals or dirty laundry lingers, you are not yet done with housekeeping. Breaking out the room deodorizer spray is a normal reaction to eliminate unwanted odors quickly.

However, to eliminate odors completely at all times might not help with home maintenance. Here are some reasons that could make you think twice before pressing that spray.

Why Odor Eliminators Are More Harmful Than Good

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Odor eliminator sprays are harmful mainly because of the known side effects of some of their ingredients. Odor eliminator products have been a great help in maintaining household cleanliness; however, the health risks that they pose on residents due to prolonged exposure is something we can’t ignore. 

Researchers have been looking into the effects of too much exposure to the toxicity and health hazard of chemicals used in odor eliminators. This refers to an estimate of ¼ of the ingredients used in these products. 

Though these perceived effects are not manifested immediately, they are still a health concern, so people are advised caution on the use of these products. 

On the other hand, we can also consider that the exposure to these ingredients used in odor eliminators are not the only source of pollutants that could lead to health hazards.

Since the lungs naturally work as our body’s filter, health can also be affected by outdoor pollutants on top of long-term exposure to harmful chemicals.

It is also important to note that the capacity of one’s body to fight against toxicity depends entirely on your health and immune system, which is weaker among children and those with other health conditions—making them susceptible to these chemicals. 

Here are some of the chemicals that we should be wary about when using odor eliminators:

Airborne Gas Byproducts

Some of the chemicals used in odor eliminators include gas that is released after a particular process. The gas stays in the atmosphere and is considered volatile organic compounds. These gases and chemicals are similar to those found in paint, disinfectant sprays, and car products.  Some of them are acetone, ethanol, pinene, acetate, and d-limonene—all of which are toxic.

Fragrance Chemicals

What odor eliminators often promise is the removal of air particles that cause odor and replace the odor by spraying fragrant smell into the corners of your home. However, eliminating these ultra fine particles is not proven, and the chemicals used for fragrance can also be harmful. 

In fact, some of them are known carcinogens. The ingredients are used to bind and disperse fragrance, and those that preserve the product are associated with harmful effects. Here are some of the most common health risks that odor eliminators might cause include:

  1. Irritation along the respiratory tract and eyes
  2. Headaches and nausea
  3. Organ damage such as that of the liver, kidney, lungs, and heart
  4. Respiratory failure and ailments like cough and bronchitis
  5. Nerve damages
  6. Reproductive problems and hormonal imbalance


Another harmful chemical that poses risks not only to children but also to pregnant women is Phthalates. Some odor eliminators would claim that their unscented and all-natural variants are safe. 

This green-washing is actually dangerous since people tend to think that the lack of fragrance would make an odor eliminator good enough for household use. 

Unfortunately, this chemical could lead to birth defects in unborn children, endocrine disruption, and reproductive problems for both men and women. Another type of Phthalate, the Di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate, is also considered cancer-causing.

There are more chemicals in odor eliminators that could lead to various health problems after prolonged exposure to them. With the limited knowledge and disclosure of the majority of the ingredients of these products, we can’t really tell if there are more harmful effects that we are not aware of. 

So instead of using odor eliminator sprays, you can eliminate odors in ways that will not harm your health. You can always choose the natural way of keeping your household clean and odorless. Here are some of them: 

Keep Fresh Air Flowing

If a place is well-ventilated and fresh air flows freely, harmful chemicals will not stay within the air circulation inside your home. This can also help cast off odor that the kitchen or other household activities emit. 

Though it is comfortable to use the air conditioner, always find time to turn it off, and open the windows for the natural breeze.

Clean up immediately. Household items accumulate odor when they are left stained with mess and spills. Always clean up immediately so that odor would not stick to household items and furniture. 

Even after the disposal of sources of bad odor, the smell stays inside the house when they have been neglected for so long. Make sure that household cleaning items are available in any case you need to tidy up your home immediately.

Get Rid of Various Sources of Odor

Your fridge and garbage bins are the most common source of bad odor inside your home. Always check your fridge for food spoilage and use natural deodorizers like charcoal to keep it odorless.

Also, adopting proper garbage disposal in your household can prevent unwanted odors in the kitchen, specifically in your garbage bins. 

Since the kitchen produces most of the wastes that could rot and smell, you should properly dispose of them outside your home, following a consistent schedule. 

Contact an expert

Asking for professional advice and service to maintain your home should be part of your maintenance routine. Professional cleaning can take care of the odor that won’t come off despite the natural ways to eliminate them. 

Also, there are issues in home maintenance that are not easily identifiable by its residents, and getting an expert to look into the condition of your place could be advantageous in three ways: 

  1. It ensures that your property is in good condition;
  2. It prevents damages that could cost you more in the future; and
  3. It keeps the odor of your home in check since odors are signs of an ill-maintained household

Address Odor and Damages At Home - Contact Us For Expert Clean Up Services!

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Properly maintaining your home does not only involve thorough cleaning. It also includes your understanding of the signs that you need to address home damages that are not too obvious to be spotted early on. 

Knowing what odors your home emits can also help you determine what needs to be fixed even before you eliminate odors completely. 

Five Star Restoration provides certified clean up services for water damage, mold, trauma, fire, and even crime scenes. Call us with any questions. We are always happy to help. 951-368-2227.

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