Termite damage is a nightmare for any homeowner. Termites are silent and work away at your wood, unlike something as overt as fire damage. A pesky termite infestation can even lower the value of your home.

This pest is notorious for destroying foundations, ruining the integrity of the wood, and causing the wood to buckle. Not only that, subterranean and drywood termites breed quickly and often.

Termite Damage In L.A.

It certainly doesn't help that Orkin recently ranked Los Angeles as the country's most termite-infested city. 

What are Los Angeles homeowners doing wrong when it comes to termite problems? 

It's hard to say, but Angelinos must stay on top of termite problems. It's estimated that termites cause upwards of $5 billion annually for homeowners across the United States.

If you suspect a termite infestation or wood damage, it's crucial to call in professionals to inspect your home.

But how do you determine if you have a termite problem in your home? Again, unlike repairing fire damage to your home, you'll have to investigate further.

Let's examine the signs of termite damage and see if you need termite control treatment.

Signs Of Termite Damage: What Termite Damage Looks Like

closeup of a wooden ceilign with extensive termite damage
There are a few key signs of termite damaged wood

How do you spot the telltale signs of termites? These pests have a few key signatures.

And what's more, if you see these overt signs during an inspection, termites have been eating away for quite some time.

A particularly tricky sign of the pest is the similarity to water-damaged wood. Instead of an excess of moisture, some homeowners find the result of termites.

In short, these silent destroyers make your home their home. And they deal some serious damage to your structural integrity.

Termite Damage VS. Wood Rot

It can be challenging to determine what termite damage is versus other forms of wood deterioration. Depending on the signs, some termite damage can seem like wood rot or vice versa.

Remember the above signs of termite damage, and see which applies to your damaged wood.

There are fundamental differences that'll tip you off to a termite problem.

If you suspect wood rot is your issue, it's essential to examine the possible causes of wood rot. These include:

If you've had recent flooding or even burst pipes, they can contribute to wood rot.

How To Prevent Termite Damage

an wall with heavy termite damage exposing wood
There are important ways to prevent termite damage

How do you prevent termites from showing up in the first place?

It's important to call a pest control expert to determine if termites remain after treatment. If the coast is clear, it's time to repair those unseemly signs of a termite infestation.

Can Termites Go Away On Their Own?

Yes, termites can go away on their own. However, they often leave devastating damage behind. Just because a colony of termites may vacate the property by no means indicates your structural problems are done.

Additionally, even if a termite infestation goes away, it doesn't exclude your home for re-infestation.

Termite Damage Repair In Southern California

Californians can help repair and restore devastating termite damage to their homes with Five Star Restoration.

After a diagnostic determining the extent and severity of wood damage after an infestation, professionals at Five Star work alongside homeowners to rebuild.

And the Five Star Restoration team doesn't stop at repairing and restoring wood damage in the home.

Well-versed in water damage repair, an unexpected leak, or a flooded basement, Five Star Restoration is here year-round to help you restore your property.

For more information, give us a call and let us know what's wrong with your property.

Have extensive termite damage? A nasty mold problem? Whatever problem is putting up obstacles in your life, Five Star Restoration in the Inland Empire aims to help you bounce back in no time.

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