Flooded House Hazards: Dangers And Risks

Whether it's a severe thunderstorm flooding a basement, or the erosion of your pipes, flooded house hazards are something everyone needs to watch out for.

A flood hitting a home leaves a lot of potential damage in its wake. Along with cleaning up water damage, a flooded house can present the perfect breeding ground for mold, electrical hazards, and disease.

If your home floods, you need to be well aware of anything that puts the well-being of you and your family at risk.

Home Flood Causes

There are a few key causes of home floods.

These various flood causes can ultimately lead to some of the most significant flooded house hazards.

Top Flooded House Hazards

brown cracked floor showing as part of a flooded house hazard

Just because the water stopped flowing and it's time for cleanup doesn't mean you should let your guard down.

Now that moving water from a flood is no longer an imminent threat, there are a few glaring water hazards.

Toxic Mold

Toxic mold is always a present danger in your home, regardless of flooding. If there's any significant moisture in your home, mold spores will likely find it. After that, mold begins to grow.

A great way to inspect for mold (and subsequent mold remediation and removal) is by calling on professionals in mold removal to inspect your home.

After experts at Five Star Restoration inspect and find a mold problem, they go about the mold removal process, ensuring that your home is a safe place to live. In short, Five Star will ensure that your home has no wet spots for mold to cling to.


Floods are unpredictable. Debris can pose a serious safety hazard during particularly fierce floods and storms.

For example, tree branches and pieces of glass can lurk beneath deep floodwaters on your property. As such, avoid wading in deep water to prevent contact with harmful debris.


Along with posing a risk to your home's structural integrity, your health is also at risk. Water, especially from a sewage backup, is a breeding ground for health hazards.

Standing water, sewage, or otherwise comes the risk for bacteria and disease. Waterborne illnesses are potentially deadly and pose serious health risks.

Common waterborne illnesses are:

Exposure to contaminated water can also cause skin rashes, called dermatitis. Be sure to wash thoroughly and cover open wounds to help prevent any water-related infections.

In short, do not drink or use any floodwater in your home.

If there is no source of clean drinking water, your local community may issue a boil water advisory or advise you to drink bottled water.


Water is an excellent conductor of electricity. That poses a problem for homeowners during and after a flood.

If your primary power source is still on after a flood, you're putting yourself in danger. Ensure that the primary power source is off before traversing through any water to inspect damage or attempt to save items.

Everything from power outlets around a room, kitchen appliances, and exposed wires are extreme water hazards that put your safety at risk.

Cleanup After Home Floods in The Inland Empire With Five Star Restoration

closeup of white wall and baseboard after a flood

The longer you wait to begin the cleanup process after a flood, the quicker health hazards may appear in your home. As such, you must contact home repair and restoration services in the Inland Empire and Northern San Diego.

Inland Empire home repair and reconstruction experts at Five Star Restoration have immense experience repairing water damage and mold removal.

If you're running the risk of toxic mold, experiencing unpleasant odors, or need a dedicated team to inspect your home, the professionals at Five Star Restoration are there.

Regardless of the source of the flood or water damage, Five Star Restoration will be there afterward to help you pick up the pieces.

Contact Five Star Restoration today for more information and speak with the team.

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