Landslides: How To Rebuild After Deadly Damage

Southern Californians are no strangers to natural disasters. Whether it's raging wildfires or unexpected earthquake damage, residents of the Inland Empire and Northern San Diego have to grapple with many risks from Mother Nature. That's where we come to landslides.

If you haven't experienced one or don't even know what a landslide is, it's time to learn!

Let's examine the ins and outs of landslides, including landslide damage, and how to start rebuilding or repairing a home in the wake of severe landslide damage.

What Is A Landslide?

torn up asphalt after a landslide

A landslide is a geological phenomenon in which debris, like rocks and earth slides down a slope. Although that seems a bit simple, landslides can vary in scope and severity. A landslide can wreak extensive water damage, costing communities untold millions of dollars.

Think of it as an avalanche, but instead of a snow-covered peak, it's mud, debris, and more sliding down from a slope.

Landslides occur in every state in the country. Although, states like California, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska are notable hotspots for landslides.

The 2018 Southern California Mudflows

For example, during the 2018 Southern California mudflows, landslides unleashed on Montecito left absolute chaos in their wake. The deadly flow devastated hundreds of buildings and killed 23 people.

According to the LA Times, government officials ignored experts' warnings, heeding them to invest in bigger basins to mitigate debris flows.

The 2018 Southern California mudflows are but one example of how landslides can wreak havoc on an unsuspecting populace in an area.

What Causes Landslides?

What causes landslides? On the surface, it can be heavy rain, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and droughts. Landslides occur due to the nature of slope change. This allows rocks, earth, and debris to cascade down the slope. 

So, after shifting and affecting a mountainside, a particularly severe earthquake can trigger a landslide.

Preparing For A Landslide

It's essential to always be prepared. No matter the hazard, having a checklist of things you and your family need to keep safe is crucial. Here are some ways to prepare for landslides.

Step 1: Notice Anything?

Landslides don’t appear from thin air. If you're prepared enough, you can anticipate a landslide from some telltale signs in your area.

Step 2: Know Your Area

Knowing which areas are more prone to landslides is key to landslide prepping.

The areas most affected by landslides are:

Step 3: Know The Evacuation Procedures In Your Area

Whether it's a massive flood or earthquake that triggers a landslide, it's time to move. Do you know the evacuation procedures in your area?

Consult with officials, neighbors, and emergency services as to the protocol for getting people to safety in landslide activity. This way, you can develop a cohesive plan for you and your family to stay safe.

Contact your emergency services, neighbors, and family members if a landslide is imminent.

Step 4: Outfit Your Property

Landslides allow property owners to engage in invaluable mitigation efforts to lessen the impact of these natural disasters.

Here are a few things you can do to mitigate the debris flow of landslides.

Landslide Damage: Where To Begin

crack in asphalt due to landslide

You and your family just weathered a landslide. However, your property didn't fare as well. What now?

Here's what you need to do in the aftermath of a landslide.

Stay Safe

Just because all seems quiet and the worst is over doesn't mean that the risk for further landslides is over. Constantly check in with local radio and television stations to stay up-to-date on the status of your local area.

Flooding in the wake of a landslide is a natural after-effect, so stay alert for any other debris flow.

Call In The Professionals

You can't get rid of the water and structural shifts on your own.

That's why calling in professionals in repair and restoration is so crucial. Landslides don't discriminate when it comes to damaging entire communities with large amounts of debris and earth.

Calling on Five Star Restoration allows you to take stock of the damage caused by landslides,

Boarding Up With Five Star

Remember boarding up your property? Five Star Restoration helps you effectively board up your property in the case of an imminent natural disaster. Boarding up helps with insurance coverage and preventable damage, like broken windows.

Tackling Mold And Water Damage

Likewise, Five Star can examine the extent of water damage on your property and help you clear it out. Five Star can even help tackle potential mold growth in the wake of landslides.

Check The Foundations

It's time to examine your property for any foundational shifts or cracks that can lead to further problems. With Five Star Restoration, the crew of home repair and restoration experts will inspect your property to see if landslides shifted and damaged your property.

Landslides: Rebuild With Five Star Restoration

The chaos and tumultuous emotions and feelings don't end after geological events like landslides or earthquakes subside. Determining how to rebuild your property and life can be a massive undertaking.

With Five Star Restoration, the crew of home repair and restoration experts in the Inland Empire aim to make the process as seamless and painless as possible.

For more information on preparing for natural disasters and how to begin the repair and restoration process, call the Five Star team today.

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