There's no other way to describe fires and the damage they leave behind as anything other than devastating. After the blaze has settled and the smoke has cleared, what's next? As Murrieta fire damage cleanup experts, here is what to do after a house fire.

What To Do After A House Fire

The fire is out. What's next? Even a small house fire carries dire consequences down the road. Follow these steps to minimize a lot of headaches and start the climb back out of the ashes.

Don't Clean Anything

scorched home after a house fire

Of course, when danger passes, you will be tempted to pick through the wreckage, pulling out important keepsakes and clearing debris. However, touching anything and attempting to clean up damage is extremely dangerous.

We know; having a sense of action to put things right is tempting. And getting essential items out is a part of rebuilding.

If they deem it safe, the fire department can allow you to enter the home. However, don't enter, under any circumstance, if they don't permit you to do so.

Leave in-depth cleaning to Murrieta fire damage experts. They know what they're doing. Plus, they have all the proper safety equipment to quickly clear debris and help you recover possessions.

Find A Safe Place

After a house fire, you shouldn't stay in your damaged home. The hazards that come with a fire-damaged home are too significant to risk your and your family's health.

Whether structural damage to the foundation or soot buildup, you must find a safe place to stay until you get your affairs in order.

Protect Your Home After A House Fire

Your home may be damaged, but you don't want it to worsen. As such, there are preventative measures to make sure your home doesn't fall into even more disrepair.

Board-up services in Riverside County can help you keep out intruders and prevent damage from storms and floods.

Contact Riverside County Fire Damage Cleanup Professionals

Be sure and contact Murrieta home damage experts in Riverside County to help you. We can help you work through insurance claims and documentation to take to your insurance agent.

Whether working on getting the fire report to help you with insurance further or cleaning up smoke damage, we're here for you.

House Fire FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about house fires.

Is It Safe To Live In A House With Fire Damage?

No, it's not safe to live in a home that experienced fire and smoke damage. Although the fire may be gone, its aftermath can raise further, more subtle health concerns. Fire-damaged houses carry more dangers well after the fire department shows up.

burnt kitchen after a house fire in murrieta

For example, soot is an unsightly result of a house fire. This form of smoke damage is especially harmful to your health. Soot exposure is severe and can easily cause ill health effects. Exposure to smoke damage and soot can lead to breathing problems, cancer, and heart disease. If you've been exposed to smoke and soot damage, consult your doctor, especially if you have existing health issues.

The problem with soot, other than its devastating health effects, is that it can appear without a house fire. A chimney that needs cleaning and even scented candles cause soot buildup.

What Other Damage Does Fire Cause?

The pressing danger may be over, but even a small house fire can leave other hazards in its wake. For example, there could be water damage, which can lead to toxic mold growth. And no, you can't paint over mold to get rid of it.

You'll need to call Riverside County mold removal experts to ensure the mold is entirely eradicated.

What Are Fire Hazards?

Fire hazards are anything in your home that can potentially cause a fire. While many things are combustible or flammable, there are a few key fire hazards to look out for.

For example, space heaters plugged into a faulty outlet or cooking are fire hazards. Inattentiveness in the kitchen, especially, leads to many house fires annually.

Another fire hazard is lint buildup in the dryer. Dryer lint fires are possible, and you must clean the lint catcher before and after each drying cycle. Also, make sure to have your ducts cleaned.

If you're in the kitchen, make sure that you're paying attention to the stovetop and oven, and make sure to avoid grease fires!

How Long After A Fire Can You Move Back In?

It depends. There's no definitive answer because the degree of fire damage directly affects how quickly you return home and move back in.

After a small house fire, you can likely move back in shortly. After a huge house fire with extensive damage, it could be months before it's safe to move back in and resume life there normally.

Where Can I Get Help After A House Fire?

While the fire department can save your house and your life, what happens when the smoke clears? It's time to call on fire repair professionals in Riverside County. These experts are well-versed in safe and quick fire cleanup.

Know What To Do After A House Fire in Murrieta With Five Star Restoration

From fire damage repair in Riverside County to house reconstruction in Northern San Diego, Five Star Restoration will help. As home repair professionals in Murrieta and beyond, we can help you and your family regain a sense of normalcy.

Experts at Five Star Restoration help limit dust contamination, prevent soot from becoming acidic, and identify water damage in the aftermath of a blaze.

Contact us today for help calling your insurance company and which next steps to take. We want to be a dependable pillar of the community; as such, we take pride in helping our neighbors through rough times. When disaster strikes, we'll be there to help.

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